Carnage By Committee

Carnage By Committee

Bill Bottoms

  • $ 1395

Is it possible that the true story of the Watts riots has never been told? Just as many still do not believe the Warren Report covering President Kennedy’s assassination, neither do many believe the story of Watts. Carnage by Committee uses fiction to explore the possibility that an outside radical hate group could have orchestrated the rioting and burning in Watts in 1965. Leading a people already upset by social injustice and the seeming lack of care by society, a well-entrenched and locally funded radical organization seeks to dominate the entire area. Backed financially by an American corporation, the quasi-military portion of this alliance is well-equipped with Soviet weapons and with secluded areas to sharpen their skills. The elimination of this coalition is authorized through covert action at the behest of a senate committee and delegated to a single man.

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