Cocksmith at the Helm

Cocksmith at the Helm

J.A. Finisterre

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In "Cocksmith at the Helm," a magically delightful fairytale for adults, J. A. Finisterre introduces us to Myron Cocksmith, the principal of a parochial school, and a man weighted down by the belief that his life has grown stagnant. Driven by the desire to simply experience more of life, and an unquenchable libido, the normally staid Cocksmith takes an uncharacteristic risk and travels to the Aegean island of Lesvos, and the promise of an idyllic and sensual life of painting, sex and self-discovery. Surrounded by a cast of fascinating characters, rogues and assorted misfits, including his school secretary and a former student, he soon enough finds that those things he thought he desired most are simply not enough. Cocksmith abandons his paradisiacal life and returns home with his young lover...and all hell promptly breaks loose. How could he know he would bring a remnant of the ancient order home with him in the form of a faun-child, carried by his young companion, or that the old gods were standing merrily by, waiting to intercede? If there is a lesson to be learned from this wildly imaginative and thoroughly arousing story, it is that love and respect count, that society's judgments are as vapid as air, and that this adventure we call "life" is in our hands, to be wasted or revered as we see fit.

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