Tidy Tim...meets MAX

Tidy Tim...meets MAX

Genita Cartwright

  • $ 1295

It is easy to shut down our feelings in life, or possibly even be so unaware we are doing this, that we withhold ourselves from others. When we exhibit this type of behavior we miss so much of our own growth in life. In Tidy Tim meets Max, Tim is a boy who locks away his possessions, out of fear of loss. This makes Tim feel secure, until the sudden injury to his new found friend "Max" upsets him. His thoughts then start to unfold in a new way. His has a new realization after having observed how easily Max gives of his time and care. Tim realizes if only he had not locked away so many things in his box, he would have had, what he needed for his friend Max, when an unexpected injury happened. In his new discovery about giving up his fear and security of his possessions he finds joy, and as the story unfolds, he gleefully picks Max up turns him upside down, and together he and "Max" make footprints on the ceiling. Tim's great lesson comes from his contemplation about the situation that happened, and he realizes, that security comes from within and that if we give of our feelings, time and help to others happiness grows in us.

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