When Catfish Swim with Lutefisk

When Catfish Swim with Lutefisk

G.R. Revelle

  • $ 1600

Short stories, mostly not about fishing first loves, getting to know his Swedish grandfather and more, G.R. Revelle has compiled a short story collection in the same Nordic tradition you are custom to in his novels. For the first time readers will be exposed to his Southern side: stories from his youth in Southern Missouri's bootheel. How does one mix Scandinavian yogert and frogs legs? Well, read on, but don't expect any recipes here... you might try our web site. When playing violin with our Nordic Spelmanslag, if I strike a note similar to my southern blues upbringing, I make the excuse my catfish are swimming with my lutefisk again. For those who have loyatly followed me through six Nordic novels, you will find some of the stories in this collection culturally dissimilar.

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