Behind the Zoo

Behind the Zoo

Monica Holtz

  • $ 800

Go behind the scenes with Emily as she spends a day with the zookeeper at Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Emily finds out what the tigers and other animals eat, and she hides food for the bears to find. Behind the Zoo is the second full-color children’s picture book by author Monica Holtz and photographer Shane Opatz. It features different animals than those in the first book, Emily at the Zoo. Both 28-page books include up-close photos of animals at Irvine Park Zoo, tell a lighthearted rhyming story, and provide facts about the animals. In Behind the Zoo you’ll see Bengal tigers, American black bears, an ostrich, a North American elk, a barred owl, button quail, Holland Lop rabbit, black-capped capuchin monkey, African spurred tortoises, an Indian blue peacock and peachicks, and more

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