Powertool Records' Here Come the Bulletholes

Powertool Records' Here Come the Bulletholes

Various Artists

  • $ 500

An eighteen-track compilation capturing the moment in time of the current state of the Auckland alternative guitar music scene. The collection covers a wide range of styles within the alt-scene, from twangin' banjo on "Missed" through to the dense wall of sound in "It's Yesterday" by the Venturi Effect.Opening number "Bulletholes" by Mary is a slice of pure pop brilliance, complete with catchy hook and sweet lyrics. Next rack is "Someday" courtesy of Mixture- originally recorded back in '99, this one has aged well. Highlights are thick on the ground- soft harmonising on "Been Stung" and the tale of a Catholic education on "GirlTown" by All Torn Up are all worth checking. "The Ice In Yr Head" by Chris Knox deserves special mention, both for its musical merit - Knox confirms his legendary status, showing the young 'uns where its at - and because it was recorded exclusively for this compilation. Also warranting mention are "I Should Have Known When She Said She Didn't Like Feedback" by Edward Gains (what a song title), "Too In For the Out Crowd (Too Out for the In Crowd)" by Davy G and The Conduits of Consumption and Voom with "We're So Lost, We're in Danger". Released by Powertool Records, home to a handful of the featured bands, this compilation is an excellent sampler for those searching for some fresh new kiwi indie pop.

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