Atomic Dream

Atomic Dream

Jim Pullman Band

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The vibe of the new Jim Pullman album started while Jim and band were recording their last album, Monarchs. Keyboard player, Paul Brandt was getting levels for piano tracks and as he played, Jim heard something that caught his attention. “Please tell me that’s yours,” he said … it was. That piano line later became a song called All The Roses Don’t Add Up. Pullman and Brandt would also collaborate on another piano piece that Brandt had “lying around for a while,” this one turned out to be the new album’s first single, Awkward In Love. Guitarist, Scotty Hayden brought in the guitar riff that would later become Floating In Trees, and bassist, Eric Thompson wrote the majority of Blue Subaru Girl.

As for the lyrical content on the album, one night Jim woke from a dream and quickly sought out a pen and paper so he could write down all he could remember about the very vivid dream he’d just had. The next night brought another great night of lyric worthy dreaming, by night three the pen and paper were on the nightstand, ready for the next round of dreamy inspiration. By week’s end much of the lyrics for the album were penned and in their infant form. This was a big departure from Pullman’s usual writing style which is mostly derived from personal experiences. The new method would provide freeing and exciting new imagery that shape the new album, which is fittingly called Atomic Dream.

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