Best of the Spingola Files Vol. 1 & 2

Best of the Spingola Files Vol. 1 & 2

Steven Spingola

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Authored by retired Milwaukee Police Department homicide detective Steven Spingola. An investigator with a national reputation for excellence, Spingola's career spanned parts of four decades. During his 15-year tenure in a homicide unit with one of the highest clearance rates in the country, Spingola was one of the lead detectives in the Jeffrey Dahmer case and was also the primary investigator in two of the murders attributed to Milwaukee's north side strangler. In Best of the Spingola Files, Vol. I & II, the "sleuth with the proof" explores the homicide of University of Wisconsin student Brittany Zimmermann, the similar abductions and brutal murders of two boys, the suspicious deaths of young men in a hard-drinking Wisconsin college town, and the strangulation deaths of over a dozen women involved in the vice underground. He also profiles other matters of criminal justice import, including the growth and expansion of America's surveillance state.

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