Best of Volume One: Vol. 1

Best of Volume One: Vol. 1

Volume One

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Let's start with hte big question: WHy do a five year anniversary Best Of book? To be honest, we think we produced a lot of great stuff in the first few years that far too few of you saw - everything from semi-serious investigative journalism to kooky local "adventure" stories. C'mon, "Test Market Town?" "Sledding Hills?" "The Great Tuna Adventure?" THat stuff is gold! At least, that's how we coose to remember it, and its high timewe made the relative genius available to those of you just coming around to this project of ours. Over the course of Volume One's first five years there have literally been hundreds of people who have made this thing go, including staff and contributors, local business owners, community leaders, and, of course, thousands of readers. There's no way we can possibly begin to thank by name all the indicudals who've played a role in making this project a success for the community. But know that Volume One has the deepest gratitude toward the people of the Chippewa Valley for their support of our endeavors of the past, present, and future.

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