Beyond Bulrush

Beyond Bulrush

Jeannie E Roberts

  • $ 1600

With carefully tuned eye and ear, Jeannie E. Roberts places us, threading the names of very real streets, parks, trails, and towns of her childhood and adult life among poems that pop and snap with rhythm, rhyme, and humor. This book is rife with “hubbub/hoopla, hobnob/...ballyhoo in hoots and hollers” and chockfull of the flora and fauna of her Wisconsin home. Yet there is a more personal story to be found in these pages as well. “And what,” she asks a tree frog (and the reader), “have you learned/from your crouch/and camouflage?” Beyond Bulrush makes clear that whether she faces the real stories of the past or the unknowns of tomorrow, Roberts has learned to celebrate and armor herself with song, the “drills/thrills//spilling notes/of musical flourish.”--Sara Sadie (Sarah Busse), Co-Editor, Cowfeather Press and author of Somewhere Piano

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