Blame Winter

Blame Winter

Cranes & Crows

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As a direct result of a failed band and an indirect result of a web of connections that has its roots deep in the formative years of high school, Eau Claire based singer-songwriter Paul Brandt has emerged onto the local scene in many forms throughout the last year and a half. At a mere nineteen, Brandt has found time between manning his duties at the keyboard for such bands as ..Meridene.., ..The Gentle Guest.. and now-defunct ..Fine.. to create his own project under the name ..Cranes & Crows... Originally meant to be nothing more than a recording project, it became evident that the songs being put to tape were meant for more than just demo status..... After six months of writing, recording, rehashing, naming, and renaming, Brandt, with the help of some friends, created an album - a collection of ten chilling and carefully crafted songs. This debut, entitled ....Blame Winter...., is a portrayal of loss during the harshest of seasons. With each song, listeners are brought closer to understanding a longing felt for someone nearby, but distant in every way, and the hope that can shine through the cold frost of a Wisconsin winter..... ..Blame Winter's.. sound seems to pick up right where Brandt's first and former band, Fine, left off. Acoustic guitars and pianos are prevalent throughout, with the occasional banjo and upright bass anchoring most of the tracks. Recorded in bedrooms, basements, and churches, the album has a comfortable, lived-in quality that compliments the instrumentation. .... Brandt is now looking to the future with this project and has planned to remain true to its name for as long as possible, with the prospects of more recording and touring in the seasons to come. ....

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