Brewed Awakenings (Coffee)

Brewed Awakenings (Coffee)

Jeff Hagen

  • $ 1300

BREWED AWAKENINGS is a whimsical and entertaining guide to independent coffee shops around the state and over the rim into Minnesota and Iowa. Hagen's illustrations and stories are tasty little tidbits of such varied places as Milaeger's Java Garden Café in Racine, Luna Coffee Roasters in De Pere, and The Twisted Chicken in McGregor, Iowa. Jeff sketches family-friendly coffee houses with unusual back stories, like Alterra at the Lake, located in historic Milwaukee's River Flushing Station, or Cargo Coffee, Madison, in a recycled gas station. BREWED AWAKENINGS includes a history of coffee from Addis Abba, Ethiopia to Ashland, Wisconsin; the story of the Stoughton coffee break; and Top Ten Signs You May be Drinking Too Much Coffee.

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