Cadott, The Spot

Anthony Zenner

  • $ 1200

It s Ralphie in Mayberry. It s Tom Sawyer living in Lake Wobegon. No. No, it s the true story, of a real kid, growing up as the first adopted son of the only doctor in a town of 676 citizens in northwestern Wisconsin, half-way between the Equator and North Pole in the 1940 s and 50 s. It s Tony in Cadott, the Spot that God Forgot... Not. Follow his preschool days as he learns from elders of the community while getting his two-wheeler tuned up at Einer s gas station. Sit next to him at Saint Joseph School as he experiences rewards and punishments from nuns and a giant priest. Travel to neighboring Chippewa Falls where he attends McDonell High School and meets more nuns and more priests. Sit as a guest at the family meal table and meet everyone including pets and live-in helpers. Be a pre-med student with him as he grows up with surgeries, a real delivery and difficult emergencies. Help celebrate holidays with radio, patriotism and difficult dumplings. Go shopping or just visit the businesses that made up his Cadott. Ride along as he spins out of control on the ice and other surfaces while speeding through radar, qualifying for the local demolition derby. Enjoy his leisure times playing ball, being a cowboy, ice skating and lighting mud puddles on fire. Suffer the defeats and rejoice in the victories as he tells the story of his residential journey through Cadott, the spot that God did not forget. Thankfully, Tony did not either.

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