Drunk Drivers

  • $ 1000

The Drunk Drivers became legendary for their fast rock ‘n roll music and even faster rock ‘n roll lifestyles. Then they went away, and now they’re back. Strap on your protective gear cause this one could get a little crazy. We do recomend, however, that you get a designated driver. Just because rock stars drive drunk doesn’t make it cool. Seriously. The Drunk Drivers are the fathers of all Eau Claire party bands. Even if a band came and went before the Drivers existed, it was all a premonition of what the Drivers would someday be. Take loud guitars and drums then smash them together really hard with attitude and guts, without forgetting good songwriting, that’s the Drunk Drivers. This is the second full length by Drunk Drivers put out in 2000. Features such classics as Lorraine, Tramp, Not Mexican and Autobahn Dance.

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