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Honest Roast - Espressoteric (12 oz.)

Honest Roast Coffee

  • $ 1600

Honest Roast Coffee was established in 2014 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Matt. Matt, a coffee lover with a background in manufacturing and desire to create the highest quality coffee possible, created Honest Roast Coffee with a mission to provide coffee lovers with coffees that are carefully roasted to provide an exceptional and enjoyable cup of coffee. Honest Roast Coffee developed its own roasting equipment and methods because they felt that current roasting methodology could be improved. They strive to create the best coffee experience possible and endlessly pursue perfection. Many many years ago, hidden in the library of Alexandria, there resided a secret espresso blend. An espresso blend like no other, it was crafted to yield a truly memorable and exquisite espresso to delight the senses. The knowledge of this espresso was handed down from generation to generation, kept secret for the coffee blend, (golden)ratios, and roast profiles were sacred and only to be shared with those who consumed the precious espresso. Experience enlightenment and gain higher knowledge that can only be known from Espressoteric. As above, so espresso.

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