Famous Wisconsin Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Famous Wisconsin Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Marv Balousek

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From the author: The Wisconsin Idea certainly was something not in short supply since the mid-1800s. Perhaps it's no surprise that inventors and entrepreneurs from the Dairy State contributed greatly to the mechanical revolution that changed agriculture. But that mechanical bent also can be seen in inventions ranging from the automobile to the typewriter. If there was a mecca for inventors in Wisconsin, it was Racine, where Jerome Increase Case built a farm implement empire and Chester Beach's small universal motors spawned a plethora of household applicances. Besides these famous Racine inventors, however, they city had many others such as William Didier, whose loss of a leg in an industrial accident inspired him to invent bendable artificial arms and legs. In addition to Case, poeple who changed the face of agriculture included John Appleby ... and John Muir. I hope you enojy reading about these inventors and entrepreneaurs as much as I did discovering them.

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