Fluents and Shadows: The Iridian Dagger

Fluents and Shadows: The Iridian Dagger

Alynzia Fenske

  • $ 1900

A mysterious letter, a corpse, and, as if that wasn't enough, James comes home to find his mother missing. When two complete strangers show up claiming to know his deceased father, James suspects that his dad might be the link that ties all of this together. But can he trust the increasingly strange Sam and Maggie? Samuel is a man with more secrets than he cares to admit. As a member of an ancient society, secrets keep him alive. Even Maggie doesn't know the truth. When the leader of the society is attacked, Sam worries that identities might be compromised. With two teenagers falling under his protection, his mission to retrieve a powerful dagger, The Iridian Dagger, from enemy hands will become infinitely more difficult. For the past three years, Maggie has suffered from nightmares she can't explain. She's always been different. She has no idea where she came from or how she landed in Sam's care at three years old. As she journeys onto enemy territory with Sam and James to find the dagger, more and more questions arise about her past. Who was she? And more importantly, who is Sam?

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