Horses of Distinction; Stars of the Pleasure Breeds

Horses of Distinction; Stars of the Pleasure Breeds

Fran Lynghaug

  • $ 600

This is the only multi-breed book endorsed by national American registries. It uses a fresh approach to profile a unique group of equine breeds, encompassing 21 riding-type horses that have either unusual coats, coat colors, or other distinctive traits. Includes history, characteristics, foundations, standards, color photos, and a listing of each breed's registry. Breed chapters run the gamut, from the most familiar, like the Arabian, to the most exotic, like the Akhal-Teke, but each includes new and interesting information that is verified by its breed registry. This book depicts exactly what each breed is supposed to be, what it should look like, what its talents are, and what it is best suited for. Spotting patterns are identified and explained as well as other colors and characteristics. Differences and similarities between related breeds, such as the Morgan, Morab, and Moriesian, are clearly laid out and easy to understand. This is a handy reference and interesting guide every horse lover needs to have on hand. Breeds included: Azteca, Akhal-Teke, Bashkir Curly, Paint Horse, White Horse, Creme Horse, Appaloosa, Colored Appaloosa, AraAppaloosa, Arabian, Brindle, Buckskin, Half Arabian, Anglo Arabian, Morab, Morgan, Moriesian, Palomino, Pintabian, Pinto, and Quarab.

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