Illegal Use of Joe Zopp

Illegal Use of Joe Zopp

Wut Wut Alma

  • $ 1500

The movie is the first feature-length production of Wut Wut Alma Moving Pictures, an independent movie company based in Chippewa Falls, Wis. The movie was written, produced, conceived and directed by company founders Scott Brown, Seth Hedrington, Paul Hogseth, Nick Holle, Joe Ott, Sarah Rykal and Emery Skolfield, as well as a slew of their friends and family. The film stars Nick Holle as Joe Zopp, a brilliant misfit and inventor driven away from his small hometown of Purewater by the irresponsible behavior of his strange parents and the boorishness of his classmates. Zopp relocates to a small town in Ohio where he begins a career as a street performer, calling balls, strikes, outs and other sports penalties on passersby for money. When his old friend Winslow discovers him, Zopp is informed everyone in his hometown thinks he’s dead. Zopp decides to return — in disguise — in order to set the record straight. While trying to solve the mystery of who is buried in his place, Zopp unravels an ever-growing conspiracy that leads him in several completely unexpected directions. The movie’s strength lies in its quirky writing.

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