Honest Roast - Irish Coffee

Honest Roast - Irish Coffee

Honest Roast Coffee

  • $ 3200

Honest Roast Coffee was established in 2014 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Matt. Matt, a coffee lover with a background in manufacturing and desire to create the highest quality coffee possible, created Honest Roast Coffee with a mission to provide coffee lovers with coffees that are carefully roasted to provide an exceptional and enjoyable cup of coffee. Honest Roast Coffee developed its own roasting equipment and methods because they felt that current roasting methodology could be improved. They strive to create the best coffee experience possible and endlessly pursue perfection. Infused with the finest Irish whiskey, our Irish Coffee is sure to delight you. A rich, bold, and decadent coffee that will appeal to coffee and whiskey lovers alike. Brew as drip coffee, cold brew, or pull one of the wildest espresso shots you will ever taste.

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