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A lilting banjo melody lulls the listener into the first track of Cribshitter‘s, Methlehem. The simple instrumental beauty is cut short by second track, “Boom Goes the Vaginamite.” Jarring, yes, but essential. The earnest irony of Cribshitter is enough to warm any cold hipster’s heart with rainbows and poop jokes, leaping between hymnal meditations (“Come with me, Lord”) and instrumental farce (“Norah Jones Fired Her Drummer”). Their eclectic sound, “twang poop” according to their frontman Diaper Dan, harnesses the timbral power of a variety of genres; some parodied, some not. While they are still in dire need of a producer for quality control, there’s a certain charm to their “everything-we-record-is-going-on-the-album-sensibility.” In an industry filled with pretense and forced cool, Cribshitter is refreshingly sincere. The aura is best represented in three tracks: “Full-time lover,” “Hippie Girl,” and “Riverboat Casino.” -Mezzic

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