Nordic Creamery Cheese - Capriko (8 oz.)

Nordic Creamery Cheese - Capriko (8 oz.)

Nordic Creamery

  • $ 900

Capriko is an award-winning, semi-hard cheese made from a blend of fresh goat and cow milks. This handcrafting blending of milks, showcases the cheesemaker’s art and delivers a cheese that is firm, yet has a creamy mouth feel and a sweet, nutty flavor, followed by a pleasant tanginess. Capriko is a great eating cheese, just add a glass of wine and its creaminess makes it an excellent melting cheese as well. Capriko is such an original cheese that it has its own listing in the Cheesecyclopedia. Nordic Creamery cheese is produced only using the highest quality milk from small family farms in Wisconsin. Pairings: Crisp, lightly oaked Chardonnay Pale Ale works well with creamy foods, so it works well as a palette freshener against Capriko’s creaminess. ***This Item Is ONLY available in Store. NOT available to ship.***

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