Northern Pine Soap Shower Steamer

Northern Pine Soap

  • $ 1200

With the fresh, crisp aroma of essential oils, this shower steamer melts your stress away in a blissful shower experience. Each steamer leaves your senses awakened + rejuvenated. -large 2 ounce size (set of 3) -not to be used as a bath bomb (fragrance is highly concentrated + will irritate skin if used in direct contact with skin) -natural + vegan ingredients -handmade in small batches ||Directions for use || Place one steamer on floor of shower, opposite of shower head. The more shower that hits the steamer, the more quickly it dissolves + releases fragrance. Do not let shower steamer come into direct contact with water for more than a few seconds. Shower steamer will dissolve too quickly and the aromatherapy benefits of the shower steamers will be lost.

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