Pair a Deuces

Pair a Deuces

J.A. Finisterre

  • $ 500

J.A. Finisterre's "pair a deuces' is a short and sweet meander into the wild shadows and light of contemporary life & love, pairing a long short story, "You Say It's Your Birthday?" with the magically erotic novella, "Shorty's Barbershop." Taken together, these two stories celebrate traditional redemptive themes: acceptance and love, respect and forgiveness, and the possibility of unlikely, but wonderful connections . "You Say It's Your Birthday?" is a beautiful irreverent romp through the natural glories of northern Wisconsin, southern rock, love and lust, memory and reality--and loving riff on a treasured classic as well. "Shorty's Barbershop" is a lust and humor-filled meditation on women, hair, lilacs and light--an oddly redemptive dance through moon-light and shadows. Mr. Finisterre's "reminiscences" for they are rendered in the first person--have the wonderful capacity to touch as deeply as they arouse, to be beautiful and revolting at one and the same time.

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