Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God (CD)

Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God (CD)

J.E. Sunde

  • $ 1200

J.E. Sunde has spent many of the past several years writing and recording with Wisconsin band The Daredevil Christopher Wright, and although during that time he was writing and playing a growing number of songs that the band didn’t record, the idea of a solo endeavor didn’t materialize until the band decided to take a break. It was then that Sunde began to look back on what he’d been writing and decided to record a solo album, drawing from influences like Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone to create a sound that was informed by tradition while maintaining a personal approach. “Most of the material was drawn from that back catalog of tunes that had been patiently waiting,” Sunde wrote in a short biography for the album. “I decided not to shy away from the shadow of my influences but to draw from familiar sounds and tweak them enough to create something that would hopefully feel comfortable but not entirely derivative. With that loose framework in mind, I followed a pretty intuitive creative process: grabbing onto what felt good and trusting that that would lead to something interesting.” Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God is available on CD and LP.

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