The Source of Labyrinth

The Source of Labyrinth

Jeffrey Herman

  • $ 1800

A team of scientists opens a door to the source of creation...but do we belong on the other side? When Max Warde was just a teenager, he caused an accident that led to the tragic death of his mother. Twelve years later, biophysicist Dr. Dominic Gustav is dying and his only hope rests within his belief that Max possesses the key to unlocking the Universe. Together, Max and Gustav shatter the confines of space and time to unleash a power that man was not meant to obtain. Max must navigate a treacherous path, endangering his family and jeopardizing his very existence. Will he absolve his dark past and prevent Dominic Gustav from unraveling the fabric of creation? Or will he lose himself within The Source Labyrinth? While pursuing degrees in English Lit and Creative Writing, Jeffrey M. Herman took a sabbatical to Europe where he worked with physicist and best-selling author Eliyahu M. Goldratt, sparking his interest in bridging the hard sciences to philosophy and his storytelling views. He eventually made his way home to Wisconsin where he married his high school sweetheart and had three beautiful children. Learn more at

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