The White Vixen

The White Vixen

David Tindell

  • $ 2000

"The man inside the cell was sitting in a corner, head between his knees, but when he looked up, Jo immediately recognized the face, despite its bruises and cuts. One eye was almost swollen shut. Two fingers of his left hand were tied together with a piece of rag, doubtless a makeshift splint applied by the prisoner. He was wearing a gray shirt and pants, nondescript and baggy, and his feet were bare and bruised. "He was Brian Jamison, a colonel in the British Royal Air Force, and one of the most valuable operatives of MI6, the UK's foreign intelligence service, and he was a dead man unless Jo could get him out of there." November 1981. Captain Jo Ann Geary, USAF Special Operations, is on a Chinese island, sent there to rescue the captured British agent. An expert linguist and martial artist, the Korean-American officer has volunteered to assist UK Royal Marines in the operation, a decision that will lead to the most dangerous mission of her career. April 1982. A shadow government in Argentina is pushing the country to capture the Falkland Islands in order to lure the British fleet into a trap. Once again, MI6 calls upon Geary for help. She is to go undercover deep inside Argentina, to find the man behind the plot, confront a terror thought long dead, and prevent an attack that could touch off World War III.

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