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Venture Pouch - 6 Pack Sampler

Venture Pouch - 6 Pack Sampler

Hikers Brew Coffee

  • $ 2200

Hikers Brew Coffee source their coffee from a local coffee roaster in Eau Claire, WI, and found the most flavorful variations of coffee. In Wisconsin, we have relatively easy access to a number of beautiful parks and destinations, like the Boundary Waters, for example. In our experience and in the feedback we've received from others with similar interests to ours, these trips have a tendency to leave one feeling tired and less inspired without their daily dose of coffee. So many people resort to instant coffee, which tends to have a foul flavor non-compostable packaging. We want to change the game by bringing gourmet coffee to the adventurous, sustainable outdoorsman. The venture pouches are 4 oz.

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