Voyage of Love

Voyage of Love

Amy Renshaw

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Voyage of Love is a beautifully written account of Abdul-Bahas journey in North America in the early part of the 20th century. Drawing on various historical sources, as well as the talks of Abdul-Baha, author Amy Renshaw brings to life Abdul-Bahas journey for a young adult audience. Abdul-Baha came to the United States when He was nearly sixty-eight years old, and just a few years after gaining His freedom from imprisonment in the city of Akka, located in what is now Israel. As the eldest son of Bahaullah, the Founder of the Bahai Faith, Abdul-Baha spent most of His life in exile and imprisonment. Like His father, He was innocent of any crime. Officials persecuted Bahaullah, His family, and many of His followers in an effort to stop the growth of the Bahai Faith. Still, the new religion grew, and in time it reached North America. At the time of His journey, Abdul-Bahas health was poor, but He amazed everyone with His strength and vitality. For eight months, He traveled across the United States and into Canada, speaking about the Bahai Faith at colleges, in churches, in private homes, and in many other places.

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