When Whales Could Fly

When Whales Could Fly

Excellent Adventure

  • $ 1000

The CD itself wavers between both ends of its jam-rock genre. The first song, Higher, is solidly good time rock and roll, as bluesy and rockabilly as it comes. Of the remaining eight songs, some, like Latin and Thinginie, are solid jams, while others, like Microphone Bones, swing back to rock. What’s most striking about the album is that it shines especially brightly went compared to many of our most recent local releases. The Chippewa Valley has built itself a solid little pedestal out of introspective, artistic indie-rock lately, and by comparison, When Whales Could Fly is a sunny, wild, free afternoon in a park with a tasty beer. Bill puts it best: “I love that stuff [indie-rock], and we have so much talent in this town, but give me a screaming guitar solo every once in awhile.”

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