Wisconsin Waterfalls

Bob Schneider

  • $ 1900

The complete travel guide that provides county location maps, waterfall descriptions, photos, and route instructions to locate and/or visit every waterfall in Wicsonsin! This travel guide documents 185 waterfalls in Wisconsin with GPS coordinates for every one of them! ALso included are 37 spillways and rapids that we found to be especially beautiful. Each site has a full description of what you can expect to see, along ith explicit detailed driving and walking directions on how to get to each site. Every site is spotted on a county map to make it even easier for driving to the proper location. Photos of the site, along with Google Earth Maps, walking trail information, and numerous other helpful hints of waterfalling make this travel guide essential for everyone who wants to marvel at the beauty of Wisocnsin Waterfalls! 23,000 iles of travel over the past 3 years has led us to all the “known” waterfalls and a few totally undocumented waterfalls that we found on our search of Wisconsin.

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